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How can I get support from Cleanfiles?

First, if you are here for help downloading a file, please check the Download FAQ before sending a ticket.

If you find that your question was not answered, send an explanation of your problem to the email below. If our support team finds that your question is answered in the Download FAQ, you will not receive a reply.

Send your ticket to:

If you are a member of our PPD network, please login and re-visit this page.

How do I send a DMCA complaint?

Please do NOT send a DMCA complaint to our normal support address. Please visit our DMCA page for further instructions.

How can I communicate via letter/mail?

Please visit our Privacy Policy page for further instructions.


Welcome to CleanFiles. If you are here to download a file, please click on the download button positioned approximately in the center of the screen. If you are here to make money uploading files, please create an account.

Our Mission

The Mission of CleanFiles is to be the number one Pay Per Download Network worldwide. This will be accomplished by keeping our users, advertisers, and downloaders happy.


You can contact us at any time, for any reason:

Contact Form: Click Here
DMCA Complaint: Click Here