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Cleanfiles is maintained by providing market research to lead companies in the form of surveys. We work with our advertisers (who run the surveys) indirectly. We do not own and are not responsible for the surveys. Most of the surveys are free, but some may require a payment of some sort. The quality of surveys available depends on what country you are from.

Cleanfiles waits for a Postback from these advertisers telling us that your IP has completed a survey. If you have completed a survey, but not received your download, this means the advertiser has not yet sent us a Postback. The advertiser could be reserving the Postback to make sure the information entered was valid.

You can click here to attempt downloading your file. If the Postback was received, the download will start. Otherwise, it will not be authenticated.

If it is not authenticated, you have the following options:

1. Try completing another survey (assuming you have already completed one).

2. Make sure the information you entered was valid and plausible.

3. Refresh this page and see if the survey status changes.

4. You can wait and opt-in for an email alert if the Postback comes in (see more below).

If you are convinced that you have completed the survey but the download still will not start, you can put your email address in below. Any Postback that comes in will be sent immediately to your email address (check spam folders as well).


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The Mission of CleanFiles is to be the number one Pay Per Download Network worldwide. This will be accomplished by keeping our users, advertisers, and downloaders happy.


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