CleanFiles - Help (Beta)

Table Of Contents

2.0 - Uploading Files

2.1 - How To Upload A File

  1. Create an account and login.
  2. Navigate to the File Manager (
  3. Click the "Click Here To Upload Files Button."
  4. Select the file you want to upload and continue.
  5. Wait for the file to upload. Once it is finished, your list of files should refresh automatically. See Troubleshooting if you have problems.

2.2 - File Settings

To change file settings, click on the "Settings" button that appears by each file after it is uploaded.

You can change any of the settings, listed below:

  • Show Share Buttons - This enables or disables the Facebook like button that appears underneath the file on the download page.
  • Share Lock Mode - This forces users to Like your download page before they can fill out the survey. This can be used to create viral profits.
  • Show Date - Enables or disables that "Date Uploaded" that appears on the download page.
  • Date Rig - Instead of displaying the actual upload date, the current date -5 days will be shown. This makes your file always appear in a manner that it was uploaded recently.
  • Popularity Rig - This places a simple picture underneath the download button that makes your file appear very popular and liked.
  • Show Downloads - Check this box to show the # of downloads that your file has recieved (it appears in File Details).
  • Rig Downloads - You can make your file appear more popular by rigging the # of downloads. The rig download # gets added on to the real number of downloads. To disable this, simply set it to 0.
  • # Of Offers - This is the maximum # of offers that will show up after the download button is clicked.

Refer to the diagram below for the file settings.

2.3 - File Restrictions And Limits

CleanFiles places restrctions on your disk usage, number of files, and allowed (single) file size.

New accounts start with a limit of 30 files, 50MB of disk space, and max file size of 20MB.

To lift these limits, you simply need to get payable downloads on your file(s).

Each download adds 10 max # of files, 10MB of disk space, and 2 MB to the maximum size of a single file.

The absolute maximum that you can ever reach in your account for each restriction is: 150 Files, 420MB of Disk Space, and 50MB for a single file.

View your current file restrictions in the File Manager, at the bottom of the page (see image below).

If you need to special permission to upload more files, please contact the administrator in the community forum.

3.0 - Community Forum

3.1 - Forum Rules

You Agree to the following rules when using the forum:

  1. Offensive, Vulgar, Or Racist language is prohibited. This is a friendly community forum.
  2. Spamming the forum is not allowed. All posts should have valuable information.
  3. Respect all other users of the forum. This includes Moderators.
  4. Promoting other networks similar to CleanFiles is prohibited (this includes all PPD and CPA networks).
  5. CleanFiles download links are not allowed, with the exception of the Promoted Methods & Tutorials section.
  6. CleanFiles referral links are not allowed.

3.2 - Creating An Account

An account for you should have been created automatically when you signed up to CleanFiles. If your username and password are not working, you can register on the forum

Click Here to Manually Create An Account in The Forum

3.3 - Promoted Guides

Promoted guides are guides written by CleanFiles members that are uploaded to CleanFiles. Other members have to fill out a survey to access these guides.


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