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Upload Use our simple but efficient File Manager to upload your files with just a few clicks. Once your file has been uploaded, you get to immediately start sharing your links and earning for every download.
Earn Enjoy incredibly high earnings, from $1 - $20 for every download on your file! Visitors are asked to complete a survey before downloading. Advertisers will pay you $1.00+ for every survey lead you provide them with!
Optimize Campaigns View offer statistics and performance and chose which surveys show up for your visitors! Maximize your earnings while maintaining happy downloaders. Optimizing is can be done with just a few clicks!
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Share As soon as your files are uploaded, you will be given a link that you can share with friends, family, or anyone!

Links will bring your visitors to our landing page where your file can be downloaded and you can earn!

Our links are automatically shortened via Bitly for quick sharing.
Statistics Generate detailed and informative statistical reports dealing with the impressions, clicks, and earnings on your files. Our thorough statistics are unmatched among PPD competitors!
Community Forum Learn new tactics and techniques from our active community forum. An account to the forums will automatically be created for you when your Cleanfiles Application is approved. Earn reputation points and have fun!


Welcome to CleanFiles. If you are here to download a file, please click on the download button positioned approximately in the center of the screen. If you are here to make money uploading files, please create an account.

Our Mission

The Mission of CleanFiles is to be the number one Pay Per Download Network worldwide. This will be accomplished by keeping our users, advertisers, and downloaders happy.


You can contact us at any time, for any reason:

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A Pay-Per-Download network (PPD) is a network that pays you on file downloads. After uploading a file to our network, a landing page is created for visitors to get your file.

Visitors have to fill out an advertiser survey before they can download a file. These advertisers pay $1.00+ per survey, and that money goes to you!

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